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Grass Interviews - Schiermonikoog Island - March 2020

Hello there, I'm Pierre-Marie Blind !

I supervise, sound design, voice direct, provide expert consultancy and work with directors, composers, programmers and producers from conception to release.

With all these different actors, I advocate for a broad use of sound by dealing equally with voice, music, technology and sound design.


Depending on project needs, I'll team up with technical audio experts, hire musicians, voice recording studios and gather a small team gifted with talent and kindness in equal measures.

I started in 2015 as a freelancer in contemporary art, joined Ubisoft Düsseldorf as VR Audio Lead, then settled in the Netherlands as an independent audio designer. Today, I joyfully manage my own audio-design company from the north of France, working for individual artists, indy studios, as well as large companies in art, games, movies and the design industry.

Alongside a sensible field recording practice, a fascination for Foley and contemporary music, I have developed expert knowledge of audio for virtual reality. I studied classical music in Paris and industrial sound design with Le Mans Fine Arts School and IRCAM.

Since 2017, I have also been writing a sound dictionary because I needed one. Maybe you need one too ! I'm hoping to publish it soon.
Cheers !

      CV (2023)  REEL (2020)

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