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Digital Art Jam @CentrePompidou

Real Time Sound Composition and Audio Integration

1.5 day work

Designer, programmer : Alexis Bacot

Made using Unity, Wwise, Reaper and Live.

All sound sources taken from my personal field recording library

A digital art piece exploring the infra-thin limits between

different paintings, slowly shifting from one to the other.

Texture, perspective, granularity, color,

and subject form

the basis of the sound composition.


Installer :


Non commerical project.

Paintings :

  - Nuit étoilée au dessus du Rhône (1888) V. VanGogh

  - Luxe, calme, et volupté (1904) Matisse

  - Auf Weiss II (1923), Kandinsky

This project contains two short music samples originally composed and performed by Omar Nicho, and Florence Loriot, that I recorded for the Meneco documentary project.

A single loop sample of the project

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