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52.6 discrete channels electroacoustic compositions

Sound designer & Musical assistant

2 month work

Composer : Cécile Le Prado

Max audio systems designs : Manuel Poletti

Associate Studio : Music Unit, Montreuil

Made using Reaper, Ircam's Spat, and Live.


Five sound creations composed on location.

Based on automatic writings from Godin,

founder of Le Familistère.

The basis of Ghina is composed of spoken voices either whispered or declamatory, sung voices, prepared pianos and guitars, double bass and accordion recordings.

I was responsible for all recording sessions, sound design, composition editing, and on location spatialisation, mixing and mastering

58 of the 72 air vents designed on the floor of the main hall contain a loudspeaker. Hence the technical installation is out of sight, it is all sonic textures and reverb.

Article by Manuel Poletti on Cycling 74's Blog.


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