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La Foule


Global Game Jam @ICAN, Paris

Interactive Sound Design and music

1.5 day work

Grégoire Chamberland : programmer
Pauline Devolle : level/UI design
Mathias Jacquin-Ravot : programmer
Franck Morgand : programmer
Thibaut Poittevin : programmer
Paul Samuelson : game designer, writer
Victoria Wilhelm : graphical artist

Made with Unity, Wwise, and Reaper.

All sound sources taken from my personal field recording library.

Contains reworked samples of "La Foule" interpreted by Edith Piaf.

A interactive toy exploring the sensation of affection and separation by swimming among shoals of fishes

Adaptive vocal articulation, and musical sedimentation form

the basis of the soundscape.

Temp Extract - work in progress

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