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Le Léthé


Theater play

Real Time 7.1 Composition, Foley and Sound design

2 month work

Play director : Philippe Vallepin

Guitarist : Omar Nicho

Flutist : Corentin Garac

National Paris School of Architecture Brass Band

Made using Wwise, Reaper and Live.

All sound sources taken from my personal field recording library

An abstract play on memory & forgetfulness,

and what hardly remains of one's effort.

The main objectives of the soundscape were to give the notion of time and space through a continnum of layered textures portraying impossible locations, and to serve as a physical and spatial extension of the actors on stage with the help of dynamic sound objects designed in wwise.

The soundscaped is played on stage from Wwise's Soundcaster Session.

Representations in November 2017.

Article published on Audiokinetic's Blog.

​​​More examples

Audio Excerpt

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